Conservation Gardens

The Conservation Gardens at Northern Water contain more than 700 plants and 60 turf grasses that thrive in Colorado’s semiarid climate and use less water.

The gardens are located behind the Northern Water headquarters building in Berthoud, CO. The gardens and the adjoining Colorado-Big Thompson Project Interpretive Area are free and open to the public every day of the year during daylight hours.

Xeriscape Desmonstration Gardens
The Weather Station bedding plants area (foreground) and the Xeriscape Demonstration Gardens at the Conservation Gardens at Northern Water

Conservation Information for Homeowners, Landscapers Each area of the gardens is labeled to give homeowners, gardeners and landscaping professionals information on using various grasses and plants that use less water in their landscapes.

The gardens have five separate grass areas with different types of native and turf grasses, an automated weather station and soil and irrigation technology demonstration areas.

“Colorado-friendly” Landscapes
The Xeriscape plaza has eight “Colorado-friendly” and water-wise landscapes, including a native plant display, yucca and prairie landscape gardens. For detailed information about xeriscaping and Northern Water’s Xeriscape Demonstration Gardens, see the Xeriscape Irrigation Recommendations. The Conservation Gardens Xeriscape Plant List identifies the species of plants in the gardens. C-BT Interpretive Area
The Colorado-Big Thompson Interpretive Area, just east of the Conservation Gardens, is a working model of the C-BT Project. It includes 12 reservoirs and the 13.1-mile Alva B. Adams Tunnel. 

To see how to apply Conservation Gardens water-saving techniques in your own landscape, go the Home & Garden Conservation page.

Garden Plants & Photos Go to the Plants & Photos page to see dozens of Conservation Gardens photos and plant information.
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Garden map

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